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Event Highlights


Changemaker Workshop

Equip delegates with practical skills and to enable them to realize ideas into actions

  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Business model creation
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Financial feasibility
Group of people at YS listening to sections

Lab Space

For brainstorming, ideation and execution

  • Delegates work in teams of 7-8 to come up with project proposal
  • Each group lead by 2-3 university students (AIESEC leaders), who serve as the peer mentors for the students in the group
YS21 Plenary Session 1


For delegates to showcase and pitch their project ideas to the judges and general public; also receive critical feedback on improving the ideas 

Outstanding talents will be provided with mentorship opportunities and support to pursue their ideas post-event


Promote delegates’ personal development through self exploration and youth story sharing

Delegates being aware of how their past experiences shape who they are today and are eager to explore their own possibilities in life


Hong Kong Relevance

Cultivate delegates’ attitude and behavioural changes to drive social change

Delegates are empowered and ready to bring positive change to the community.


External Sharing

Field trip visit to NGOs, building delegates’ knowledge on current problems, solutions, and projects of the focused SDG in HK

Invite entrepreneurs and impact-makers to share their stories in Youth Speak Human Library

Event Flow of YS22

120+ F.5 to F.6 students would be separated into homegroups that are led by students from more than 6 local universities.

Delegation is divided into three tracks, with each track designed around a social issue. Participants undergo design thinking training to map out pain points of stakeholders affected by the social issue.

Delegation participated in intense self exploration session, where they are able to look into their past and consolidate their learning.

Participants ideate and present their ideas at public showcasing and to judge panelists.

Delegation participated reflect on their plans for the future and what they really want for their lives.

Throughout the event, participants also have panel discussions and leadership sessions to gain self-discovery and find their unique positioning in our society.

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