COVID-19 Arrangements

Over the coming few months, close attention will be paid by the conference team to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the daily numbers and patterns of case transmission in Hong Kong.

All delegates, regardless of age, are required to fill in an indemnity form as well as a parental consent form, in order for them to be eligible to join YS. Only if the parent/guardian gives a signed consent can a delegate join YS.

All delegates, conference team members or external will have to compulsorily fill in a health declaration form when they enter the venue.

The health declaration form tracks their activities over the last 14 days (whether they have traveled/come in contact with anyone/if they have any symptoms). All participants will be subjected to a temperature check at the entrance of the venue.  

Any delegate with symptoms of cold, cough, fever, headache and other forms of sickness will be asked to leave the venue immediately and go back home.

Home Group Facilitators will also ensure that no sick delegates come to attend YS on any of the days. In case of a medical emergency, mechanisms to call an ambulance and escort the affected participant to the nearest hospital will be in place.

All participants will wear a protective face mask at all times.

The venue will have extra hand sanitizers and other hygienic equipment for delegates to use from time to time. The venue will be cleaned and sanitized before the morning plenary starts, during the lunch break as well as once the evening plenary ends.

Eating will not be allowed at the venue. All delegates will dine separately with their home groups, outside.

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