Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to join YS?

All secondary school students in F5 or F6 are eligible to join the Youth to Sustainability Summit. There are no restrictions on nationality, ethnicity, gender or banding of school, so don’t hesitate to apply.

2. What makes YS different from other O-camps?

Unlike other O-camps which are mainly about playing hard, YS is of course fun, but also a platform for you to discover yourself, explore your passion and find your social relevance. On top of making new friends, meeting excellent peers from universities and having hands-on activities, you will learn a lot about yourself, enhance your soft skills and be part of a meaningful community of youths who strive to make our society better.

3. What will be covered inside YS?

YS includes a wide range of activities. We will have interactive sessions where you will be grouped in teams and make socially impactful projects and also envision the future of Hong Kong. There will be field trips, story sharing by impact leaders as well as design thinking workshops. Furthermore, you will have reflective and immersive leadership development sessions.

And of course, a lot of powerful conversations, exciting memories and fun!

4. What is the language used inside YS?

The primary language will be English, but we will have group discussions in Cantonese. The speakers and facilitators will be communicating in English, while intra-team discussions and ideating will be in Cantonese. Even if you are not very fluent in either language, that is definitely not a problem and as long as you know a bit of both, language won’t be a big barrier.

5. Can I join YS with my friends?

Of course! The more, the better. We have a special discount scheme if you join YS with a friend, so please feel free to grab him/her along to the Summit and join together as participants.

6. Can joining YS help with my university life planning?

Definitely. You will be grouped with other F5-F6 students and each group will be led by 2-3 university student leaders from AIESEC. These student leaders will offer you whatever advice you need starting from picking the right subjects in university as well as giving you a sneak peak into studies, hall life and the opportunities to explore in university. Even after the Summit, you can stay connected with them, and gain their advice and peer mentorship throughout the summer.

7. How do I know YS is for me?

If you’re just here to play hard but not work hard, then YS is not for you. As long as you want to learn more about yourself and explore your passion, and you are interested in different social issues, you will have a great and enriching learning experience inside YS. If you are open-minded to new perspectives and if you treasure your personal growth and learning, then this will be a very meaningful opportunity for you. Of course you’ll have fun, but you’ll also go through deeply reflective sessions and challenging hands-on sessions that are aimed at bringing the best out of you and to help you understand more about yourself.

Start your journey in YS24.